Bugeto is a free and simple
to use inventory management tool.

It works in the cloud, both on mobile and desktop.
Bugeto allows you to keep track of your stocks, warehouses, products and operations.

It also helps you connect with customers and suppliers.
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Receive lists do just what they sound like: they help you receive products in your inventory. Fast, reliable and easy to understand
Pick up lists help you manage your stock picking and enable you to keep track of where you should be picking products from.
Product management enables you to store and manage product information such as SKU, size, image, description and much, much more.
Partner social network: using Bugeto's built in social network you can invite suppliers and customers and share data with them.
Keep track of your suppliers using Bugeto. Store information and use it when receiving stocks
Bugeto allows for an unlimited storage space listing. Whether you have one warehouse or a dozen, it works just as well
Real time reports allow you to see what's the status of your inventory, in real time, using beautiful charts.
Receive and Dispatch logs allow you to see past goods receive and dispatch actions.
Much more coming soon. Export and import data, share real-time stocks report and find suppliers and customers within the Bugeto's network.

The basic Bugeto plan is and will be free. Here's what it includes:

  • Product management
  • Stock and Inventory management
  • Receive lists
  • Pick up lists
  • Real-time reports
  • Suppliers
  • Warehouses
  • Partner network
  • ... and more

The Bugeto PRO account is coming soon and packs the Bugeto plan and advanced features:

  • Import and export data
  • Export data to the major marketplaces
  • Search and find suppliers and customers
  • Optical barcode scanning desktop app
  • Native mobile apps
  • Advanced reports
  • Integration with leading ecommerce software
  • Live customer support
  • ... and more